Saturday 28 June 2014

Short Term Team Training in Estonia

Today I was at Short Term Team Training in Estonia! There are four camps happening this term - three English camps and one football camp. It started with Innar welcoming everyone to training. In addition to the American teams and the interns there was also a group of people from Czech to serve at camp so I got to see some friends.

Märt is the country leader for Estonia and it was such a joy to hear him share the vision for JV in Estonia. Estonia is one of our smallest countries with a population of 1.4 million. Less than 1% of the population are evangelical believers.

Due to communism the church is missing a lot of the older generation. This means a lot of the leaders in the church are young and have such passion and vision for their nation. But it also means, as Märt shared this morning, that there are approximately twenty healthy churches in the country. They believe that in order to transform the country and reach this nation they need two hundred healthy churches, ten times the number they have!

It was wonderful to hear Riina share her story of coming to Christ, and an English camp five years ago was a huge part of that. Riina is one of our amazing summer interns and it is such a joy to see her joy in Jesus. One of my favourite things about travelling around is that I get to reconnect with our interns, ask how their summer is going and encourage them.

The training in Estonia lasts for a day so this afternoon we prayed for each team individually and commissioned them. They set off to their camp facilities tonight and the campers will arrive tomorrow.

I am very excited to see what God continues to do in this nation!

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