Friday 27 June 2014

Photo Friday - 27th June

Flowers on the town square near sunset. 

A new missionary family arrived in Cesky Tesin and they stayed at my flat while I was gone in Latvia and Estonia, as their container with their possessions arrived a couple of weeks after they did. It was fun to prepare my flat for them. 

The road to Latvia is long. This is what it looks like for miles and miles in Poland. We got up at 2am to leave and got to Latvia in time for dinner - 15 hours on the road. We made really good time and there really weren't any incidents.

It was so great to be up in Latvia for their short term team training

I also got to take five of their six summer interns out for some doughnuts. It was so good to hear how their summer is going, how God is working in and through them. 

Another snap of Short Term Team training - it was great to see the interns leading so many of the sessions!

A quick snap of Katka and I - she was such a great travel partner! 

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