Friday 24 April 2015

Photo Friday - 24th April

Watching the transformation of the tree outside my window as spring has arrived has been beautiful.

I bought some lego.. here is the extent of my creations so far, but the little people who come to this house love it. 

Planting lavender on my window sills.

The view I wake up to - and look, more green!

It was a busy day, working from my flat with our camps' administrator. 

Reading a book on leadership - and taking lots of notes!

I spotted this heart on one of my many evening walks through my town. The feelings are mutual - I love living here! 

Friday 17 April 2015

Photo Friday - 17th April

Holiday continued - walking the city walls of Dubrovnik.

Dipping my toes in the sea.

It was so fun to have this lady here for a week and explore new places with her! I'm glad we could add another adventure and a lot of miles to our twenty-three years of friendship.

The snow finally stopped! And spring started springing.

The great thing about being away from the office for a while is fun post is usually waiting for your return.

The beautiful stretch in the evenings.

My neighbours were watching a game out on their terrace - and because I had a lot of my windows open it felt like I was watching it with surround sound. The TV/their terrace is directly above my spare bedroom. 

Friday 10 April 2015

Photo Friday - 10th April

I got to spend time with this lovely lady on Easter Saturday! It was so much fun to catch up.

It was wonderful to hang out, eat good food and sing worship songs in English on Easter Sunday.

Yes, yes that is snow you see falling...

Tuesday involved driving to Krakow to pick up a visitor for a week of holiday fun!

Vienna in springtime.

Exploring the many little streets of Zagreb, Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes - a beautiful national park in Croatia, where you can spend all day exploring around these lakes and waterfalls. 

Friday 3 April 2015

Photo Friday - 3rd April

A fun little Saturday afternoon painting project!

On Sunday I was on the road again - this time to Krakow with six other women who serve JV internationally. We all live in Czech but serve various international ministries. On our way we saw American troops who were convoying through various central and eastern European countries to reassure their NATO friends that they have not been forgotten or abandoned to Russia. What was crazy was how many Czechs and Poles were out, standing by the road or on bridges, cheering and watching!

Krakow was rainy!

The women of the retreat! I am so thankful for these women. We spent our three days reading the book of Job and talking about how to do hard things well through Christ's strength. It was a really refreshing time.

We also had some fun - including spending time exploring Krakow and this cute little Polish pottery shop. 

The weather here is a little crazy right now!

The blackboard in my kitchen is especially true on Good Friday. Because of Good Friday I have been rescued and redeemed. It is such crazy grace.