Thursday 13 August 2015

Favourite shots from Albania

I loved my time in Albania and wanted to share a few more photos.

If you want to read some blog posts from the Cramers, the full time missionaries down there, I'll start by recommending this one, which is about the "team" I served as part of down there, and this one.

Between 8pm and 10pm the entire town goes on a "gyro" - a leisurely walk up and down by the lake. It's a big thing in Albania and it was a lot of fun to do it multiple times during the trip!

The doughnut waterfall, amazing.

Albanians: if there's a break, they're dancing!

Working hard in English class.

One day we had thirty people in class!

Walking to small group while the call to prayer rang out from the local mosque.

Oh my, eating corn on the cob straight of a bbq? Amazing. It tasted like yummy fresh popcorn!

I spent many afternoons jumping, sliding or being pushed into this lake.

Dancing on the last night of camp.

A man on the side of the street with his shoe shine business.


The bazaar!

Friday 7 August 2015

Photo Friday - 7th August

Soaking up some last hours in Pogradec - by eating breakfast on the beach!

There were many joys in being in Albania but one of the biggest was seeing these two ladies, both of them JV interns, absolutely rocking life and ministry in Albania!

After staying in an airport hotel, and two flights (to Athens and then Prague) I just had a four hour train ride as the sun set over Czech to get home.

Throwing rocks into the river with the Yorman boys. We're standing in Czech but the other side is Poland!

The intern girls who have been staying with me over the summer left, and with that I regained my office/spare room. So there was a lot of reorganising.

Late night runs.

An empty inbox and an out of office on! I'm excited to hide away from emails for the next two weeks - I'm excited for some rest after a wonderfully busy summer season.

I'll be camping all next week and I really can't help but feel that the guy in this picture is a little confused - camping tables shouldn't be used for computers!