Friday 13 June 2014

Photo Friday 13th June

The wonderful Polish farmers' market that is a five minute walk from my house. I loved walking over here and buying fresh fruit and vegetables on a quiet Saturday morning.

We had some glorious weather this week!

The swings in my town are one of my favourite spots.

Being on the road for the Amazing Race and then being away at Intern Training meant I ate a lot of food on the run - lots of petrol station stops and a lot of McDonalds (easy to grab, you know what you're getting, tend to be close to the road, free toilets, free wifi...) so it felt good to be home and eating fresh food.

Although that also included a sausage sandwich. I can only get sausages in Prague so they're something I pick up at the Marks and Spencers there and ration out of my freezer. 

I've started a programme called Couch to 5k - it tells you when to walk and when to run and over eight weeks you gradually increase your running to 5km! Thankfully I live right by a really pretty river that is fun to walk/run along.

Friends over for dinner so fajitas for dinner. So thankful for my community here.

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