Thursday 2 August 2012

Term 2!

Camp Number 2 with Podebrady was amazing!  God really blessed our time with the students and it was a joy to see people wrestle with big questions and draw closer to God.  And two girls gave their lives to Christ on Gospel night.  Now we pray that the students will get connected with the local youth group throughout the year and continue to have places where they can be discipled or simply ask questions.

We were serving alongside a team of Californians who were here for the first time.  It was so great to have their energy and it was a joy to see them connect with students.

And the intern team continues to serve so well.  Jitka was with her home church doing camp but Nolan and Bethany were with us.  On Wednesday night Josh had to leave because his visa was not in.  In his absence I had the immense privilege of being able to clearly communicate the Gospel in the evening talks on Thursday and Friday night. 

On Friday we head to our third and final camp with Havlickuv Brod alongside a team of Alaskans.  Josh is still in Serbia as his visa has not come in so I will be responsible for the runnings of camp.  Please pray his visa comes through soon, if that is God’s will!

Pray that as we enter these last few weeks we would finish well and that God would be glorified in all we do.  It has been so amazing to see how He has provided for our every need, I am so grateful for His provision.

And I can’t believe that I get to see what God is doing in this beautiful country!  I’m so excited to continue to share stories of His goodness and grace with you all.