Friday 5 August 2016

The summer in one photo!

I feel like this photo sums up my summer in so many ways. It was taken in Dresden train station as I waited for the third of four trains as I travelled from camp in Germany home to Český Těšín. 

Chacos are definitely my footwear of choice in the summer. That white tote bag on my shoulder was bought at an Old Navy store in 2008 when I was in Colorado. And, of course, there's often a cup of coffee in my hand with long days spent at camp or travelling.

This summer from travelling to the Amazing Race to the end of my trip to Germany I was gone from home thirty-three of fifty-seven days. I was in eight countries (Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany), completed an intensive Czech course, and was at our first camps in Croatia and Germany.

It still blows my mind that this is what I get to do - to travel to countries and serve what God is doing in these nations. I receive a lot of the prayer updates from our European interns and it's been a delight to read them this summer and to get little glimpses of how God is at work in this part of the world.

It's not all glamorous or exciting - during the train journey I was waiting for I shared a compartment with a girl who coughed and sneezed the entire time, and I got sick afterwards. There are long days where things start at 7am and continue until midnight. 

But it is such a privilege to see God at work - and that doesn't begin or end in the summer, and I'm excited to continue to hear what He is doing in these nations as camps finish for the year, and the work of discipling new believers and getting them plugged into local churches begins!