Wednesday 30 April 2014

Spring Conference Starts Today!

Today Josiah Venture's Spring Conference starts! While Fall Conference has an equipping and training focus, Spring Conference is our "family conference". All the second culture missionaries will be there (missionaries who are not serving in their home culture) along with all their children! 

We are a big organisation so there's a lot of people, especially a lot of children! Please pray for the logistics involved in having so many people - we're staying in three different places. 

Bryan and Kathy Chapell have travelled over and Bryan will be the speaker during the week. There is also a team of fifteen volunteers who have travelled from Arizona to look after all the babies and preschool children. And there are two other women who have travelled over to run the programme for the school-aged missionary kids.

I'm so excited for this week. The conference runs until Sunday. Would you please pray for us - that God would use this time to speak to us, to refresh us in Him as we head into busy summers. Please also pray for the weather - we really need good weather for Saturday and it's looking like it will be 2 degrees and snowing!

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