Friday 18 April 2014

Photo Friday - 18th April

Saturday held my first Czech wedding! Although the service was in Polish. It was a beautiful ceremony as two young people from our church got married. The youth group are up at the front in this photo singing to the couple.

My first Creme Egg of the season! It seemed so weird to have it so late in the season.

Monday night Bible study - I made banoffee!

The S-Team office was quiet on Tuesday as my teammates were in Estonia, Slovenia and Italy (two work trips, one holiday). My desk is the one that sits long-ways facing the middle of the room.

I'm into my third Czech book! It feels good!

Wednesday also involved a catch-up work meeting. There's a little coffee shop that is at the end of my street that is linked to a culinary school. So a cappuccino costs all of 60p (or $1).

The Polish side of town's square - there's a really cute restaurant where I go with the Yormans for dessert. I always get the hot raspberries with ice cream - it's a really good treat! 

This doesn't even begin to capture how beautiful the sunset was as we left church on Good Friday. 

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