Friday 4 April 2014

Photo Friday - April 4th

I didn't realise how close I lived to Auschwitz until I drove there on Saturday with my family. It's only an hour away. It was a weird place to be in - especially on a beautiful day, seeing lots of butterflies flying around. We were in a group with a really stoic Polish lady as a guide. Her monotone voice didn't really convey the evil that happened in this place, although I'm not sure anything could really.

Seeing mounds of suitcases, pairs of glasses, shoes... It was crazy to think of the lives lost in that place. Almost the population of Northern Ireland! Czech lives were also lost there and that was hard to think about to - I have really come to see here as home and these people as my people. It was challenging to think about this part of their history.

Spring has definitely sprung over here - and my family had fantastic weather the whole time they were here.

Before my dad had even taken his coat off (see that top left photo) he was fixing things - and he continued to do so the entire time. My kitchen was clearly not put in very well but it looks so much better now! And the worktops are even secured to the cabinets! He also created that wee shelf (with my nail polish on it) to hide the exposed wiring in the bathroom. I am so thankful!

I really need to plant somethings in my windowsill containers.

Because when you're ordering $20,000 worth of t-shirts you have a Mars bar close at hand for when you're done! 

Apparently I like grey shoes... I was trying to decide what to wear for Friday.

On Friday I went into a local high school to promote my church's English camp and invite people along! So I did six classes with English games and a presentation on Life in Northern Ireland. It was so much fun to be interacting with students, I'd forgotten how much I love teaching. 

I was also offered a job in the school after my first lesson! It was funny. I'd love to have an opportunity like that to really get to know students and connect with them but they were offering 20 hours a week and I already work crazy-hours-a-week and with my travelling schedules it wouldn't work.

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