Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My new, best worst Czech mistake

When I was MTI receiving my language learning training we were repeatedly told that to learn a language you need to make a thousand mistakes. And if you need to make a thousand mistakes you may as well get over it and start making them as quickly as possible.

We were also encouraged to learn to laugh at ourselves because laughter and joy make the mistakes a lot more funny.

I have two wonderful Czech tutors and I meet with each of them for two hours a week. I added the second tutor in February and it has helped my Czech so much! My time with this tutor is a lot less structured, we don't follow a textbook. This actually gives a lot of freedom - each week I pick what I learn and so I can pick what I feel I need to learn.

Every week we read a story from my little children's Bible. Thankfully there are pictures, and I know the stories. But I am still learning many, many words. After, painfully slowly, reading the story I maybe retell it in my own words and then we talk about how the story applies to our lives what what we can learn from it. My tutor is not a believer so it's a really fun to be talking through these questions.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we read about a miracle and my tutor asked how it was possible for people to get into heaven.

I wanted to say it is only because Jesus died for us.

So, I wanted to say "jen protože Ježíš umřel"

Instead I said "jen protože Ježíš zabil"

umřel: died

zabil: killed or murdered

I said the only reason we can get into heaven is because Jesus killed. My tutor thought it was hilarious and I can definitely see the funny side. I don't think I'll ever make this particular mistake again... but I'm sure there are many, bigger, funnier mistakes in my future.

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