Friday, 28 March 2014

Photo Friday - March 28th

Re-entering life after the retreat meant a lot of emails! I had over 104 in the four days. And apparently I stopped taking quite so many photos!

With the mornings being lighter I've been using that as motivation to get up earlier to allow a longer "quiet time" in the morning.

My new favourite snack: peanut butter with pretzels.

My little spare bedroom normally exists as a office (until a roommate appears) but here it was, all set up for guests!

I have to file taxes here.. Unfortunately my Czech friend wasn't able to come with me the day I needed to go. So I went to four buildings and six offices alone. It was exhausting. Hopefully I'm legal! 

It was both encouraging and discouraging in terms of how much I was able to communicate. I needed a special form at the third building and it meant the lady had to take me to her boss to ask for it. The lady told her boss "This woman speaks really bad Czech" - although I understood what she said! And I had enough Czech to ask for the form... 

Anyway, I knew the lady at the last building, the health office, because we've dealt with paperwork issues with me before. She doesn't speak any English but we chatted, her asking if I'd been to all the associated offices that day and how brave I was doing that alone. Before I left she went into a cupboard and reached out a packet of sweets for me! So, so sweet. 

My parents arrived on Thursday! And they surprised me by bringing my sister! It was so good to have them here. They flew in and out of Krakow so we took some time on Thursday to walk through the city. The funny thing was that the only time I've been in this beautiful city was when I did the Amazing Race through it so I couldn't remember many historical facts - more the crazy challenges I had to do at various landmarks. 

Prague is four hours away by train and that's where we spent Friday! I loved getting to show my family around this city I love so much.

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