Monday 24 February 2014

Updates, Rest and Looking Forward

I finally sat down and uploaded photos for Photo Friday on 14th and 21st. It has been a busy, busy few weeks between the Academy, an English lesson planning retreat and a youth retreat. 

After so much busyness I was able take off Friday and it gave me time to rest this past weekend. It was so good to stop, sleep without setting an alarm, read some books and just marvel at all that God is doing in these nations. And all that He is doing in me. 

We have set up a Facebook group for the wonderful people who will be coming to serve with us this summer as summer interns. One girl excitedly posted yesterday that it's just ninety-two days until they arrive.

With the big winter events out of the way our eyes are focusing on the summer - on the camp dance and evening programme, on interns and short term teams, on travel plans and t-shirt orders, on lesson plans and a million other details.

I'm so excited about what God is going to do this summer as people from around the globe share the incredible story of God stepping in, loving us when we weren't lovely, and changing lives. 

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