Friday 21 February 2014

Photo Friday - 21st February

On Saturday during the youth retreat we went for a hike, up through the woods and then up this ski slope. Going up this ski slope was much easier than going down a much steeper slope on the way down. I fell with or without grace a lot!

Sunday involved some baking after the youth retreat and spending time with wonderful friends as we watched a movie set in Scotland. It was absolutely hilarious to introduce them to more British culture and phrases.

Monday night Bible study was cancelled so Kristin and I used it as an excuse to hang out.

All this post arrived within a short while of each other - post from Welsh friends, a Christmas card post-marked December 15th, and a card from Lithunia. My windowsill is very multi-cultural.

Wednesday involved dinner - after feeding these goats!

Zuzka and Terry pictured working on their macs in Costa. With Czech lesson and errands and things I ended up working from Ostrava for a while on Thursday afternoon and bumped into these two. I'm still working my way through a gift card I received for there. Maybe Costa should become our second office? 

What my kitchen table looked like on Friday - Czech textbook, evening camp talks, English lessons.. busy, short days filled with things to do! 

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