Monday 17 February 2014

The Insanity of God: Calling

What do you think when you hear someone say that God called them to something? Do you think they're crazy or exaggerating? Do you immediately recall times in your own life where you have felt God's call?

The Insanity of God by Nik Ripkin is probably the book I read in 2013 that I am most likely to recommend. Parts of the book tell the story of the Ripkins as they prepare to be missionaries.

At one point they are in front of the missions board being interviewed and they are asked to explain how they felt called to missions.

The wife begins with how she felt God call her to serve overseas when she was eight, specifically to Africa at eleven and she had a missions trip to Africa during college that confirmed it all.

They then ask the husband. His response? "I read Matthew 28... I read in Matthew 28 where Jesus told His followers, 'Go!' So I'm here trying to go."

After much discussion from the missions committee about what constitutes a call from God to mission Ripken replies "Well, it appears to me, that you all have created a 'call' to missions that allows people to be disobedient to what Jesus has already commanded all of us to do."

God has made the Christians' task clear: we are to go into all the world and make disciples. Whether in Africa, Europe or America.

There are moments in my life that I can replay in my mind as if they are movies. Moments that I know God broke in and clearly called me to serve Him in full time ministry, and later to confirm that His calling was to Central and Eastern Europe.

I'm grateful for those moments of calling and confirmation. Because there were times in the process, in support raising, and in moving here, that I needed to know, and know deeply that this was and is God's will.

But I'm also grateful that God doesn't leave it to the chance of us listening to Him. He has made it abundantly clear in black and white that we are all to go. To go in our homes, schools, workplaces and communities. To go by supporting missionaries. To go by loving our neighbour and living lives that proclaim Christ.

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