Friday 7 February 2014

Photo Friday - 7th February

With all the snow we finally received I've gotten good use out of my snow boots! When I bought them the lady assured me they would be good up to -30 degrees celsius and they've been great down to the -15 we've already had. Very grateful for warm boots!

On Sunday the Six Nations rugby started with Ireland playing Sunday. I suppose technically the Six Nations started on Saturday but who cares about those other games? The Yormans lovingly embraced this part of my culture by inviting people over to watch the game. They'd even been in Prague earlier that week and found Irish sausages! Those are easily my most consistent craving living here. 

With all those Americans and one Czech in the room I did a lot of explaining and they, on purpose, asked hilarious questions, commented on a try being a touchdown etc. Unfortunately, I can't always explain the rules in as much detail as people want so they have to endure penalty explanations that included "He chose bad actions." But it was an afternoon that was so good for my soul, to have people I love love me by learning some Irish culture. And Ireland won! Sorry Scotland.

I even got to make cupcakes using Kristin's oven before the game so Monday morning looked like this: a chocolate cupcake with green, of course, frosting. 

7am sunrises sure can be pretty.

And the light at 4pm in the town square is also very pretty!

When the door saga, documented in past photo Fridays, was on it's way to being fixed I mentioned to my landlady that my oven has never worked - it doesn't regulate temperature and instead of there being different levels of flames there were just big flames. 

She told me she'd make a note of it but, honestly, I didn't think anything would come of it. I love baking so it was a little sad. Well, on Wednesday my landlord showed up with a man and wanted to look at it! I'd be getting a new oven! And they wanted to know if a combination would be ok (gas stove, electric oven)! 

I said of course, of course. And they said they'd call about delivery... I didn't know when to expect anything.

Well, on Friday I woke when my doorbell rang at 7.30 (I worked from home today) - it was the oven man wanting to know if he could deliver my oven in two hours! Above you can see my very pretty, very functional oven that has already been used to make cookies with Kristin and her boys. So thankful.

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