Monday, 10 February 2014

Sweet Prayers in the Prayer Room

The prayer room at the Academy was a very special place. It was a privilege to help create a space where people could creatively engage in prayer.

One of those people was Caleb - he did all the different activities.

He saw that no one had prayed for Albania yet, because no one had put a rock on Albania. So he got the piece of paper with Albania's prayer points on it and read through each one, so carefully, before placing a rock on the country. (Kristin snapped this picture.)

Another station was a "wailing wall" where people could write prayer requests on "bricks". The idea was people would pray for the prayer request written before theirs. To show him how to do it I wrote a prayer, above, on a brick.

And this is the prayer request Caleb chose to write - "Make it that I can teach Rachael Czech" 

Such a sweet boy, and so fun to see him connect with God through this room!

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