Friday 14 February 2014

Photo Friday - 14th February

After working two weekends in a row because of a five day conference and a four day planning retreat I had a weekend at home! It involved a lot of washing... I'm pretty sure I washed every sock I own.

And on Sunday I was able to bake muffins, make soup and prepare veggies for the week ahead.

Monday morning held my evaluation and it was such a great time of remembering God's grace and faithfulness and looking at to what this year might hold.

This is the toilet seat my flat has always had.. and it's always been broken. Thankfully it has now been fixed! 

Thursday - I've started going to a second Czech teacher to supplement my other one. Both are great and having four hours a week of Czech tutoring is really helping!

Friday saw me off again - this time at our youth group's winter retreat. It was a great time of connecting with students and hanging out. And one of the most encouraging things was that I understood 80% of what the speaker shared! Mark has been a missionary here for fourteen years so even though he spoke in Czech it was slower etc and that really helped!

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