Monday, 29 February 2016

Burning Bulb

I have less than thirty hours at home and a long list - today so far I have unpacked, done laundry, and repacked, gathered my tax paperwork for the accounted, done my February ministry expenses, finished some work tasks and generally got my life in order in the midst of these three crazy weeks.

So I'm just spending a couple of minutes but I wanted to capture what a joy and privilege it was to be at Burning Bulb with 160 youth leaders in Estonia. Estonia is the coolest country I know and it was incredible to get to know more Estonians, and see glimpses of what God is doing in that nation. 

One of the most exciting things was seeing 17 year olds who are leading the youth ministries of their churches. To hear about the things God is doing in them now - can you imagine what He will be doing in and through them a decade from now? And how He will use them to change this nation?

It was an incredible weekend and worth the less than 30 hour turn around before this next adventure!

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