Wednesday 24 February 2016

Day 3 of the Baltic Academy!

The last day of the Academy began with the last main session where we got really practical and talked about personal productivity and methods and tools we can use to get things done, and get the right things done!

After that we had another seminar slot. It's a blurry photo but it was on working with volunteers - realities and myths around volunteers, how to recruit people to serve in our ministries, and how to keep them there! It was really good to get really practical in this area. 

I've mentioned before that the attendees at the conference were younger than we were expecting. This is partly because most people leave to Riga to continue education once they finish high school. This means it is the sixteen year olds who are leading their church's youth ministries! So I also talked about how to recruit older people to your ministry, and the beautiful things that can come from that.

One of the reasons we took the Academy "on the road" was so we could get really specific and talk about local contexts. So throughout the conference teams were given time together and on the last day they were asked to present their vision and goals for their local ministries. Oh, it was exciting to hear these people share their hearts. And exciting to pray and think about what God will do through these faithful people.

Being up here was a great excuse to meet with the Latvia camp team and we did a lot of laughing! But we also talked through a lot, answered questions, and shared dreams. I like these people a lot! 

After the meeting Shelby and I were staying with Katka, who moved a few months ago from serving with JV in Czech to serving with JV in Latvia. Katka showed us around her city and it is a beautiful one!

I loved this door - do you notice the inscription above the door?

It's been pretty cold up here! The last time I was in Riga it was July and I was up here visiting camps (and taking my car to the mechanic!). Katka was actually with me and I remember sitting here, by the river, as we talked for the first time about what if God was leading her here. Such a fun memory! Although I cannot imagine sitting here as I look at this photo! 

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