Friday 26 February 2016

A few days in Riga, a night in Tallinn and now Burning Bulb!

It was so good to spend a few days in Riga with Katka! We both were working throughout the week but we were also able to take time to go and walk along the beach! It was a little strange to walk on a beach that had snow! But it is the Baltic Sea, and it was very cold. It was a beautiful day! 

On Thursday I left Riga to travel to Tallinn. The bus ride is over four hours long but it was so good to read. When I arrived Shelby and I were reunited at the little flat we were staying in. We found a place on airbnb and, because Casey was there too, it worked out cheaper than any hotel and it was in a great location! 

We spent some time wondering around Tallinn before Casey arrived from flying in from Czech. We then went in search of dinner and found a little British-esque gastropub that served a great burger! And after dinner it was really fun to hang out and watch a movie. 

Today started with a great breakfast (oh the perks of staying in a little flat and cooking). We then walked to a bus stop where a co-worker picked us up in a white van, with blacked out windows and that set the tone for our adventure..

We then went to an underground storage area that looked a little like we might be picking up guns... in reality it was just a lot of sound and tech equipment.

After a snowy drive we arrived in the place where the conference is! So set up began - including putting up a lot of curtains to create a good stage space.

After all the set up that we could help with was finished some of us had some time - which was great to settle into our rooms and catch up with people. We then had a team meeting and it was just so exciting to pray together and talk through some of the big things of this weekend.

Tonight conference began - there are around 150 of us here this weekend. We had dinner and our first main session. Estonians are probably some of the coolest people on earth and it was a joy to experience them worshipping God in their beautiful, beautiful language.

The main sessions this weekend are on making bold moves for God and how living our faith out boldly would change our faith, our lives, and the lives of those around us. We have translation for the main talks so it was good to hear Innar share tonight.

Tomorrow is a full day - two main sessions, plus seminar time. Please pray for those serving in the main sessions (in the many ways - from the main speakers, to the tech people, translators and worship leaders) and the seminar speakers you can see below!

I'm so excited to learn what God has for us this weekend!

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