Thursday 18 February 2016

Travel day to the Baltics!

For those of you who are curious and would like glimpses into a travel day...  

This morning started early for the five of us! We left Český Těšín at 5.30am to drive to Kraków airport to travel to Riga! 

This weekend is the JV Leadership Academy in the Baltics. Instead of gathering everyone in one place like we've done the last two years we've taken the conference on the road and are doing it in a few places. A few weekends ago it was in Ukraine and in April it'll be Slovenia's turn. 

Because Shelby and I are staying up in the Baltics this week to be at a conference in Estonia next weekend we were on different flights from the other three. Our timing is a lot tighter on the other side so it made the most sense. 

We had a fifty minute flight from Kraków to Warsaw, with enough of a layover to eat lunch, and grab a great juice drink and a less great chai latte. Then we had a second flight into Tallinn that was rather bumpy but included a nap. 

We were greeted in Tallinn by zero degree temperatures and ice but we got to the bus station for a little more hanging around before our bus. 

And we've now been on this bus for four hours. Amazingly each seat has a little tv screen with forty movies available! The photo is dark and blurry but it's of the older man in front watching Despicable Me!

It's just after 11pm and we'll soon be arriving in Riga where a co-worker is picking us up to take us to the hotel. The conference starts tomorrow! So we're hoping for a good night's sleep, especially as a couple of us are battling colds. 

It's been a long day of travelling but I'm super excited to be up here, to be with our teams, and excited to see what God does! 

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