Saturday, 12 March 2016

Home again and an invitation

After three weeks on the road (minus a twenty-seven hour turn around between the Baltics and Israel), having my morning cup of coffee here on Thursday felt oh-so-good. It feels so good to be home again!

I returned pretty tired in some ways (a day of travel, including buses, a plane, and a four hour train, on two hours sleep will do that) but refreshed in so many other ways. I returned to a little bit of crazy work-wise but also really excited to jump back into life here.

I feel like I'll be processing my time in Israel for the next... well, very long time! But I don't want to fail to capture my time there in this place just because I'm still in the midst of processing. So for the next week or so you're cordially invited to travel with me as I blog my way through the days of our trip.

The big picture is: I'm so grateful ...

... for a God who gives incredibly good gifts

... that I belong to a missions organisation that cares for and equips its missionaries so well, 

... for the wonderful people I experienced Israel with, 

... that God kept us all safe, 

... and that my brain and heart are full as I continue to process all the things I learnt and heard from Him during my time in that place.

I'm excited to share glimpses of all of this with you! 

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