Friday 30 January 2015

Photo Friday - 30th January

I love this quote from a poem by Wendell Berry so I put it up on the wall in my home. "Invest in the millennium" is a great reminder as I work here!

In all the snow I needed a little bit of life around here! And my crazy travelling schedule means houseplants last less than a couple of months.

At least the snow is pretty...

...but it made conference set up hard - our conference centre is at the top of a hill and the entire week the only cars that could make it up the hill were cars with chains on the tyres. So set up the day before conference involved taking stuff to the bottom of the hill, and moving things into the other car.

On Tuesday night I drove to Krakow airport to pick up the Bowmans! We flew them over to help with conference - they both taught at the conference, and Val had many counselling sessions. We stayed up way too late on Tuesday night eating toast and chatting.

It was such a joy to have the Bowmans here and watch them minister and serve. They're the people who introduced me to this country and Josiah Venture so it was fun to have them both here and let them see my world.

And on Wednesday the Academy began! Gwynne and Kuldar kept us laughing as they emceed the programme.

Zuzka, who serves on S-Team too, created our name tags for conference and she made some interesting edits. Apparently my name is Rach Cute and because I didn't have a first workshop (so I could take care of details) she made it "Party Time". It caused a few giggles during the week!

Val B leading a workshop for forty leaders on how to help young people who struggle with self harm. 

One of the fun things we do at the Academy is give "paper plate awards". We literally give people paper plates - although cute ones, from Estonia. And on the paper plate we write the name of the award. The Burkhardts serve camps in Romania and they always go the extra mile so they got the extra mile award! We love recognising and celebrating our people.

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