Friday 9 January 2015

Photo Friday - 9th January

A new year in the Czech Republic means needing a new sticker for my car so I can drive on the motorways (which I need to go on pretty much everywhere I go - office, or the big city near here). My favourite thing about this process has been that I know how this new-year stuff works here. I know that I need a new sticker. Thankful that I'm now experiencing a second year of routines.

So, yes, my Christmas tree is still up. Thankful for quiet mornings at home.

It snowed at the office on Monday!

On Tuesday morning instead of our regular international team meeting we met with our co-labourers who serve in the Czech Republic. We all work for Josiah Venture/JV's Czech organisation KAM and live in the Czech Republic but although some of us live here we serve all the JV countries. It was so good to spend time together, praying for this year.

Wednesday involved a long, exciting planning meeting for the leadership conference we're running at the end of the month. We've gone all techie in the office with a TV to display computer screens so we can all see it.

My little car refuses to have both a correct date and a correct time. And I'm always going to care more about the time than the date. The quirky thing is the date just randomly changes. So on this day it thought it was my birthday! I definitely should have had some cake.

I had some teammates - John and Erin K and Daniel - over for dinner. Shepherds' pie is the best. It was really just a clever ploy to get this little cute guy, Shade, over where he got introduced to minions and animal finger puppets. So thankful for these relationships. 

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