Friday 16 January 2015

Photo Friday - 16th January

Saturday night found me driving to Krakow airport to pick up the Yorman family after their home assignment. I love the atmosphere of anticipation and chaotic joy at airport arrivals. 

It was so good to be at church on Sunday morning - they were sharing how we should be praying for our community this year.

I got a review copy of this book! I loved reading it and it has inspired me to use my time more effectively. 

Confession: I spent years in Cardiff and Northern Ireland buying squares of fabric and not using all of it. So a lot of it made it to the Czech Republic - its probably a good thing because the fabric selection in my little town isn't so wide and it's fun to have different memories attached to fabrics. In little snippets of time I cut out squares of a lot of the different fabrics I own. At some point I hope to sew this into a quilt - it might take a long time to get this completed!

Whiteboards and lots of colours are good for planning!

I hosted ladies Bible study this week. Thankful for cups of tea and encouraging each other, praying for one another. 

Oh, yep, my Christmas tree totally still up. The month in the run up to a conference for 220 people is a little crazy.

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