Friday, 6 February 2015

Photo Friday - 6th February

On Saturday the conference was still going... and I run on a lot of coffee during conference!

Our last session with Charlie Bradshaw on Sunday. Conference ended with a group photo that devolved into a snow ball fight! 

After conference there we take a couple of "comp" days - compensation days after working eighteen hour days at conference, plus build up. I generally always take a "pyjama day" for one of these days so naturally that was the day my landlady came round with my flat contract for 2015. Can you spot my red flannel pyjamas in this pic? I'm praising God for an easy continuation of my contract here, it is no small thing and I'm thankful for His provision.

After Christmas my parents shipped a box with Christmas presents and some things from NI to me. And after almost two years of sending stuff here without a single break I had four things break in one box! These were from my days in Cardiff so I'm a little sad but thankfully it was one of each thing that broke, which just adds to the quirkiness of my mug collection!

On Wednesday the S-Team, the team I serve on, went out to lunch to celebrate such a successful conference! It was so good to reflect on what God did - even though we really only have glimpses of that right now.

Oh my, the snow continues.

I've started my fourth Czech textbook! But I've been feeling a little discouraged in it - I'm in a season where my progress in my language isn't really clear. So when on Friday I grabbed a coffee and the barista and I chatted while my coffee was made, it felt so good. She encouraged me in my Czech and I even got a "beautiful day" and smiling sun. I'm thankful God always sends encouragement my way when I most need it. 

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