Friday 23 January 2015

Photo Friday - 23rd January

Living overseas as a missionary can lead to crazy adventures sometimes. Ten of us from JV decided to meet and hang out - we live in Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary. So naturally we met in Vienna. It was such a fun day and I'm thankful for these friends!

In Vienna there is a British and American food store! We went to explore - it was fun to see diluting juice, porridge, Angel Delight and Polo Mints in this part of Europe!

On Monday I had a horrible Czech lesson. Like, I spent forty minutes thinking I'd learnt some grammar over a year ago completely wrong. In the end it turns out I had learnt it correctly but it was a little discouraging! So I definitely bought a Happy Meal on the way home.

In the run up to conference the weather forecast started to matter a lot! And look at all that snow!

The view from the conference centre the week before conference.

I live in a border town so although I bought this chair less than one kilometre from my house I bought it in Poland. And so the buying process, and arranging the delivery, happened in a mixture of Czech, Polish and English. The fact it turned up at my little flat the next day felt like a little border town miracle.

Yep, Christmas tree still up! It came down the next day. 

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