Friday 3 January 2014

Photo Friday

One of the great things about being back in NI for Christmas was being able to see and spend time with people! I enjoyed getting to see Frozen and have dinner with some friends on Saturday night. 

It was also great to be back at my sending church, First Saintfield, for two services.

My week in Northern Ireland felt so short but it was great! On Monday I was back down in Dublin to head back to Czech. That date marked six months from the first time I landed in Czech. It was fun to think of all that had happened.

I celebrated New Year's Eve in Ostrava with some great friends. Just before midnight we headed outside to watch the city light up with fireworks!

I headed back to Český Těšín on Wednesday to stay with Kristin and her boys while Casey is in the States. But I dropped by my flat to put away some things and finally decided to tackle all the boxes I'd never thrown away from flatpack furniture when I moved in. It felt very cathartic to get rid of it all and the room looks bigger and much more ready for guests!

Thanks to a very generous Christmas gift I was able to get a rug for my living room! It makes the room a lot warmer. 

The oven in my flat doesn't work (it's either off or on at 400 degrees celsius..) so staying with Kristin and the boys means I can do some baking! The recipe said it made twenty-four cinnamon rolls but fifty-two rolls later Benaiah's verdict was "Look, it's yummy!" 

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