Friday 27 December 2013

Photo Friday

Carp is a traditional Christmas dish here (meaning it's what a lot of families will eat for their Christmas Eve dinner, which is when Christmas is celebrated here) so coming up to Christmas carp is being sold everywhere - including out of the back of that white van in a supermarket car park and in the middle of my town square. The fish are sold live and some people keep them alive in their bathtubs for a few days to improve the taste and to keep it fresh.

The fourth Sunday of advent.

Early o'clock at the train station as I made my way back to NI for Christmas - a train from my home town to Prague, a bus to the airport, a plane to Dublin and a coach up to Belfast where my family picked me up!

Christmas Eve involved the dentist first thing followed by seeing lovely people the rest of the day.

A lovely Christmas Day fire!

It was so great to see the Bowmans and spend time with them on Boxing Day!

Waking up to this view at sunrise is something I definitely missed!

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