Friday 31 January 2014

Photo Friday - 31st January

On the Saturday night of the Academy we decided we really wanted to celebrate our leaders so we went to a place 1 kilometre from Malenovice, hired this traditional Czech band and had food there. It was so much fun. And thanks to a Scottish missionary serving up in Latvia who was there we did ceilidh dancing (as well as Polish, Ukrainian, American dances). It was so much fun and it did my heart so much good!

This lady is a joy wherever she goes and she is serving God in Ukraine. Please be praying for this country while there are demonstrations and the laws actually have the potential to make it harder for Christians too.

I think the highest temperature I experienced during the Academy was minus four and it got down to minus fifteen! Malenovice looked like Narnia. 

Post means a happy Rach.

With signing my contract for the year I finally got round to scrapping all these sunflowers off my front door! The family who lived here before me loved stickers and I'm glad these are finally gone!

Czechs all get assigned a number (like a social security number) at birth. I was told to apply to get one (it's on all official forms) and I procrastinated for a few months before finally submitting all the (translated!) paperwork before Christmas. Well, I got a letter telling me that I already had a rodné číslo (birth number) and, sure enough, I showed up at the Foreign Police, gave them my letter and they printed it out for me! It feels like such a fun step to being more Czech!

After four sleeps I was back at Malenovice again for an English curriculum planning retreat for four days. The cabins at Malenovice are beautiful!

And this is largely what our days looked like as two other ladies and I worked 9am-9pm writing three (beginner, intermediate and advanced) six day's worth English lessons! There's still work to be done to finish them but we got so much done together!

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