Friday 20 December 2013

Photo Friday

On Saturday night I was at a concert organised by a co-worker, Terry English (appropriately, he is English!), called "Ostrava Zpiva Gospel". A choir had be formed and rehearsed in the weeks leading up to the concert and the Gospel was shared both in the songs that were sung and in Terry sharing a message. A lot of the singers are not Christians and it was really well attended - even the major came! 

After the excitement of Saturday night, Sunday night was pretty exciting too! I travelled into Poland to see seven Edge football teams compete as they played each other in a tournament. They looked so great in their football strips and it was so exciting to think of the impact of this ministry already.

I had the Yormans round on Monday evening and Kristin brought a gingerbread house to assemble. It was a lot of fun!

I get into the office early (like, 7am) so I am rather productive even before the sun appears.

Instead of a Czech lesson Tamara (in black, my Czech teacher), Kristin and I made Czech Christmas treats. At Christmastime people here will make many, many different types of little biscuit-y sweet things and they're so good!

What my desk looked like on Thursday, my last day in the office before Christmas.

The thing on the left is the Czech treat made on Wednesday and the thing on the right is a mince pie (there is a Marks and Spencers with a small food area in Ostrava, 40 minutes away) - my cultures colliding on a plate. 

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