Friday 6 December 2013

Photo Friday

My street is starting to look all Christmasy!

I spent Sunday afternoon watching Home Alone, eating a mince pie and decorating my very own Christmas tree in the Czech Republic. It still blows my mind that I get to live and celebrate here, including with my from-Tesco tree and decorations from Northern Ireland, Wales and Czech.

I love the season of Advent.

An important and exciting meeting (including skyping someone in from the States). Tuesdays in the office have a lot of meetings!

And on Wednesday I left with Casey to head down for a meeting in Slovenia. We stopped for lunch and a walk break in the 6+ hour drive in the beautiful Vienna. The Christmas market looked really cute!

Driving through Austria was beautiful!

The meeting was great! I love that the fact my job requires travelling means I get to see the worlds other JV missionaries live and serve in. Maribor, the town in Slovenia we were in, is beautiful!

We returned to Czech on Thursday - perfect timing so we could be back for December 6th which is Mikuláš Day here in Czech - Saint Nicholas! Santa! In Czech that means there is Saint Mikuláš (in the hat with the cross) along with an angel (all in white in the middle) and the devil (the creature in the black fur coat and red wig). If children are good they get a present from the angel and if they're bad they get coal from the devil... If they're really bad the devil will put a bag over their head and take them to hell. This was in my town's square on Friday night! It's fun to learn about new traditions - I guess this is the Czech equivalent of the naughty and nice list!

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