Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Two weeks ago the snow arrived and it was so beautiful. It’s gone again now but it’ll be back soon. The arrival of the first snow was wonderfully timed for the start of December.

I love the month of December. It means that my living room has a beautiful Christmas tree with lots of fairy lights on it. There’s something cosy about the nights getting dark so early. And, yes, it’s cold but there are lots of hot drinks.

And it means Christmas is coming!

I love Christmas. Time spent with friends and family. Great food. And a time set aside to remember the crazy, beautiful truth of a baby being born two thousand years ago who was God with us.

And that’s why I love this season of Advent. Advent means arrival and this season is about anticipating the arrival of Christ.

This is at least my third year reading a book called Preparing for Jesus. It starts on December 1st and goes right up to January 6th with four pages or so to read each day.

It journeys through all the different characters and it has been such a great way for me to re-enter this old, old story in a new way.

It is so good to have this season to reflect – especially before New Year’s Eve rolls around.

A question a friend posted on Facebook that is a good part of preparing for Christmas:

"In gut-level honesty, what rules our lives as we prepare for Christmas? What has power over us?" (B.M.)

I’m excited to continue to celebrate this season in this new country and to continue to anticipate the arrival of Christ.

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