Tuesday 2 July 2013

Two full days in!

Well, today has been my second full day in Czech, and my second day of my language course.  Things are going really well!

From 9 - 1:15 I have my language course, and sometimes there are afternoon activities.  Yesterday and today though there weren't so I spent time buying stuff I need or studying.  

There are twelve other people from all over the world in my class and we're all there for different reasons.  We've quickly learnt to laugh at ourselves and each other, an important quality as you learn a language and make a million mistakes.

There is so much to learn and go over after class each day, and I'm trying to make the most of this time so dedicated to language learning.  This does mean it's very mentally tiring and, at just 9:25pm I'm writing this blog post but struggling to keep my eyes open and my brain is questioning how I'm spelling each word!  A normal feeling in the language learning process!

I'm so thankful to be here and am loving being in the beautiful city of Prague!  I'm grateful that it feels so normal to be walking around, hopping on trams, buying groceries, making dinner... living life and just being here.

I hope to send out a prayer update soon and please forgive me if I am slower at replying to messages.

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