Monday 15 July 2013

S-Team Planning

My role within Josiah Venture is on "S-Team".  S-Team stands for "Specialities Team" - we are the team that serve the special ministries of JV - English Camps, Fusion and Edge.   These are some of the major "pathways" that we use to reach young people in central and eastern Europe.

English Camps are the ministry I'm most familiar with, I served at my first English camp in 2007!  Fusion is the name given to rock choirs and performing arts groups that meet weekly - this is a newer ministry and is being launched in more JV countries as it grows.  And Edge is our brand new sports' ministry - it's starting with football but that may grow too!  You can read more about English camps and Fusion here, and I hope to write more about all three as I continue to get to know them all better!

On Wednesday I left Prague to travel to Cesky Tesin (where I'll be living) and on Thursday and Friday I was at the S-Team planning retreat at Selah.  Selah, the building in the photo above, is JV's retreat centre, is up in the mountains not far from our main offices.  I hope to share more about Selah in the future too, as it's got a pretty cool story!

Back to the planning meeting...  it was so exciting to join with S-Team and some other JV missionaries as we thought through the next two years of the different ministries - what's going on right now, where we think they should be going and what needs to be done.  

After those two days the to-do lists are long - the need of this part of the world is huge but God is a God who can do more than we could ever ask or imagine, and His love for the young people of these countries is also beyond what we can imagine.  

So in the midst of long to-do lists, it is so amazing to be here and to be part of God's movement in central and eastern Europe.  Sitting in that meeting I again felt that this is what I was made for, this is what God has called me to.  

And this week I'm back in Czech class, where I will be until the end of this month as I try to get a jump start in the language that God has also called me to, even if it's a little harder! 

Thank you for your partnership in this work!

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