Friday 26 July 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - again, I am so thankful for my support system.  I spent the morning with the Yormans and we went out for Mexican food for lunch.  The evening involved spending time with the Bowmans who had returned from camp to Prague.  I am so grateful for both these families!

Sunday - after an amazing church service it was fun for us all to hang out together over bbq at the church.  Here is Paul and Selah enjoying the garden!

Monday - after camps the short term teams are debriefed - they are given a time to share what they learnt at camp, what they saw God do etc.  And then they are commissioned to go back home - to continue to serve and preach the Gospel in places where there aren't cultural barriers or language barriers!  

It was incredibly exciting to just get a glimpse of what God has done this past week in Czech.  There were many students across the country who committed to follow Jesus!  Please pray for churches as they follow up with students and get them connected into their programmes.  And please pray for the camps that are starting in this country again tomorrow!  And for the camps happening across central and eastern Europe - we're heading into the last few weeks of our summer programmes so pray for the remaining camps and for energy for those serving!  And please pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of students long after camp, as they go back to family who may not believe and as they go into their every day life!

Tuesday - I got to spend some time with this lady today and with others from the NI team.  I am so grateful that I got to spend time with them all while they were in Prague!

Wednesday - four years ago I was leaving the Czech Republic with the NI team and was sad to be leaving!  Paul consoled me saying that one day he thought I'd be saying goodbye to them at the airport, because I'd be living here.  Although I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone at the airport, I got there just a little late to say goodbye to everyone but Rose waited.  It was a weird feeling to say "See you at Christmas" and yet it felt so right.  And it was cool to experience that I-live-here-now coming true.

Thursday - my school put on a dinner for us on a hill in Prague (Petrin).  The view was beautiful and it has fun to spend time with my classmates.

Friday - after spending some lovely time with my friend Petra after class I explored Vysehrad which you can see in the pictures.  It was stunning.  And this is probably my new favourite place in Prague!  

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  1. I know three people in this post! Well done blog Rachel. Look forward to future posts.