Friday 19 July 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - exploring the Polish side of the town that will be my home. 

Sunday - on the train back into Prague.

Monday - This week I was staying with the grandparents of some Czech friends.  They were super sweet and I got a lot of homemade cakes, biscuits and berries!

Tuesday - there is nothing quite like spending four hours going over verbs.  Thankful for cute coffee shops that are quiet and allow you to sit with one drink for that long.

Wednesday - the weather here has been incredible and I've so loved just walking through this beautiful city!

Thursday - my friend was rather sneaky and told her grandmother that she should speak Czech with me for an hour each night.  So each night at 7 I would go upstairs (I was in a little self-contained apartment on the first floor) and there would be herbal tea and treats as we sat and talked.  It was probably the best thing for my Czech!  

Friday - on Friday morning my granny passed away.  She had had cancer that had been diagnosed the week before I flew here.  It is hard to think that she is no longer with us but it is so good that she is no longer in pain.  I did not travel back to NI for the funeral.  I am so grateful for the incredible people who surrounded my family at this time.  And I also felt surrounded by so many of you and as my boss and his family just happened to be in Prague that night they invited me to crash with them which was perfect.  

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