Friday 5 July 2013

Photo Friday

Saturday - it was crazy good to spend time with the Haskews in England on my two day layover.  And apparently this is the only photo I took!  There's a photo of Jo and I somewhere but these homemade Welsh cakes were pretty amazing!

Sunday - I arrived in Prague!  And took a walk to figure out where my class is held.

This week I'm staying with some fellow JV missionaries, the Chestnuts, and here their dog is helping me study Czech by providing moral support.

Tram lines and blue sky as I waited for the tram home on Tuesday.

Wednesday was a little more rainy - I was amused by my colour co-ordination as I waited for the morning tram.

Thursday - going over just the notes from that day's class!  

Friday - my view of class, taken during the break.

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