Tuesday 30 June 2015


Today included a walk around my little town with ice cream (and there may have also been cake for breakfast) because TWO years ago today I stepped off a one-way flight in Prague. 

It has been a great day - I spent some of it in Poland visiting a camp there, and this evening I celebrated with the Yormans and good dessert. They bought me things I said "needed to live here more than two years" - a Lego Minion (because I frequently say I need Minions) and a cat food dish (because I'd love to get a pet here - not necessarily a cat though). 

And it's been an incredible two years! It has been both harder than I could have imagined and infinitely better. Learning language and cultures, serving in my international role and in local ministry. 

God's faithfulness, grace and goodness has been so very evident at every stage. I am awe of what He is doing in these nations and it is a joy to partner with Him here. It's been beautiful to see His sovereignty and how He weaves all things together.

I'm excited to continue to celebrate anniversaries here, God willing, in the years to come! 

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