Friday 19 June 2015

Photo Friday - 19th June

Youth group: we went to the home of someone from church and had scrambled egg cooked over the fire. Someone gave a talk and we shared testimonies and prayed. We also sang, and I loved the song sheets - songs in Slovak, Czech and Polish altogether and sang together. 

Katka, a wonderful Czech friend who has been with a missionary with JV for years, moved to Latvia to be a missionary with our organisation there. So on Sunday we had a goodbye party for her! I'm so excited to see what God does in and through her there!

Have you noticed my love for fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer? I love this rhubarb custard shortbread things?

I loved having Michael and his intern team over for dinner and to show them my town and home. I had to take a photo of my friend Michael washing up.

Summer sunsets.

I am not above enlisting even little people to help me do things in the office... and Titus was a great help

Do you ever realise how gross something in your home is? Well, I realised how gross the grout in my bathroom and entryway was... and a bottle of bleach and a few hours with a toothbrush helped it all a lot! And made me a lot happier! 

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