Friday, 5 June 2015

Photo Friday - 5th June

Thirty minutes after this photo was taken this room was filled with 110 interns plus staff and Intern Training officially began! Don't worry, we had chairs for them.

It is so fun to have someone from Saintfield here for the summer! And it was good to spend time over cake and hot chocolate catching up. I'm really excited about what God is going to do in and through Michael as he leads an intern team in Czech!

Some of our European interns were asked to share about life and faith in Europe to help us understand the culture we're serving in.

For thirty minutes I sat in this chair being recorded for a training video we're prototyping this summer.

On Tuesday night we commissioned and prayed over all the interns, taking each country in turn, and on Wednesday morning they left for the nations! I'm so excited about how God is going to use their summers to draw them and many in these nations closer to Him!

After eight days away, plus busy days before preparing, it was good to have a day that mostly looked like this!

Summer in Czech is a magical thing. And there's something about quiet days that are hot enough for skirts, and meandering through my town, and buying flowers and visiting friends who just welcomed a new little person! 

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