Friday, 26 June 2015

Photo Friday - 26th June

Every year our town have a festival to celebrate its founding by three brothers, so it's called the Three Brothers' Festival! It's a lot of fun with activities on both sides. It was really fun to explore both towns, and here's a photo of the Czech side.

Sometimes I do crazy things... like buy a cheap chest of drawers from Ikea and spray paint it blue... in my kitchen. I adore how it turned out! 

It's always fun to go to the gun store in town... to get a passport photo taken for my Czech driving licence... always an adventure! 

Sick day the first. 

Sick day the second.

My little car was all alone at the office when I arrived on Thursday morning. 

My little town is having lots of renovations and the train station's signage is becoming bilingual! So here is the Czech and Polish names of my town. 

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