Friday 8 May 2015

Photo Friday - 8th May

This book was given to me by Julianne, my American friend, and what's more funny that the book are the annotations she made in it! 

I am really grateful for this prayer journal from here. It's been such a useful tool and has helped me faithfully persist in prayer.

A fun night that included dinner with friends! 

The camp bracelets for this year arrived today! The theme is You Are Here and those four symbols are a tool we use to share the Gospel. Six thousand of these bracelets were ordered! It's so exciting to think about the conversations they will hopefully prompt and help!

And today the camp t-shirts arrived! It was a record to have them so early and they came out so well! 

Thursday Spring Conference began, in this beautiful location. The theme this year is Family on Mission and I'm so grateful for the Josiah Venture family I get to serve alongside.

On Friday we went to a science museum in the nearest city as part of "Family Day" at conference. It was a lot of fun!

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