Friday 1 May 2015

Photo Friday - 1st May

Saturday nights when my kitchen look like this are such a blessing. It means my home has been full! I had a girl over for dinner and then we had small group with lots of yummy snacks. I'm so grateful for these girls and that we get to share life together.

I love slowing down on Sundays - and eating leftovers from the dinner on Saturday night!

I'm able to run further and further so I'm exploring new parts of the trail! 

The last of the mini eggs.. it was a sad moment! 

One of the bridges connecting Czech and Poland in my town, and the one I most frequently cross on my runs.

This. This took thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Ok, not quite. But close. Czech words change endings depending on which of the seven cases applies, if it's singular or plural, if it's masculine animate, masculine inanimate, feminine or neutral.. and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. 

Today involved a wedding! So a good excuse to wear a cute dress.

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