Friday 15 May 2015

Photo Friday - 15th May

T-shirt counting at conference! Each country had to count their t-shirts for camps this summer. It went so well!

Dave Patty, our president, was our speaker during conference. 

The day after conference the Hungary team stayed so we could talk through the year-long cycle of camps. They are doing their first official JV camp this summer so it was good to have this day to train them. Plus, they're a lot of fun to spend time with, and we had a particularly interesting/hilarious time with dinner in a nearby restaurant! Here we are, with Katka joining us, on the Polish side of town overlooking the Czech side.

After a busy time at conference and the Hungary training day, it was wonderful to have a day off. The Sunday of conference was Mothers' Day in America so all the women at conference were invited onto the stage to be given a flower (because we are all spiritual mothers, and some are also biological mothers). So this flower brightened up my flat for most of the week!

Receiving thank you notes are an amazing part of my job! I love the people I get to serve.

For a weird reason taking my car to the car wash seemed like a huge deal to me. So I hadn't done it, even though I'd lived here almost two years! Thankfully someone else did take pity on my car at one point last year and got it washed. But this week I took my car to the car wash! And it was no big deal except that to me it had been and I was successful! Sadly the pollen has been crazy and my black car didn't stay clean very long but, hey, small victories! 

My set up for working from home this Friday! 

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