Friday 22 May 2015

Photo Friday - 22nd May

Saturday was a cleaning and organising day! I even went through all the plastic bags I had hanging around and throwing out all the ones with holes etc! It feels good to get my flat cleaned and organised before summer travels and hosting interns!

Baking cookies on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

On Monday I had a new experience - driving home from the office I was pulled over and breathalysed as part of a random check! In Czech there is a zero tolerance policy with alcohol when driving. It was 3.15pm so I'm guessing that they were trying to catch people who had had a beer at lunch. Of course, I blew a "negativni" - negative, no alcohol at all.

Tuesday was clean out day at the office! We spent most of our time cleaning out this big garage (second from the left). It felt good when it was all reorganised! 

There will be two intern girls living with me during the summer so I had to empty out my office/spare room to make it an intern bedroom! It was chaos but it's all done now. 

I'm learning to use little pockets of time in my day! I keep a daily devotional book in the pocket of my car door and I usually have these prayer journal. 

Friday night: playing banana-grams with the Yormans! I was very proud of this in my first turn during one of our games. 

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