Tuesday 24 February 2015

Snow is better

This winter has not been colder than last year but there has been snow or ice on the ground a lot longer. I think snow is so very beautiful but I am not a fan of driving in it or of being cold.

This photo was taken of me during The Academy - and, yes, I'm wearing a million layers including two pairs of socks and thermal leggings. And those snow boots that travel halfway up my calf.

There was a year when I knew full-time ministry was in my future but not where I might be. During that year I remember at one point praying God would call me to the Maldives (check out number 11 on the World Watch List). 

And then God clearly called me to this beautiful corner of the world where it snows and goes below freezing for weeks at a time. And I am so grateful. His plans are so infinitely better and I love snow!

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