Friday 27 February 2015

Photo Friday - 27th February

I found dried black beans! It's fun to find things you didn't think you could buy in this country.

Sunday always means FaceTime with my family. And sometimes the dog.

Monday night: ladies' Bible study. So thankful for these women as we meet around my kitchen table.

What Terry's desk looked like on Tuesday. I'm not sure who did it but it was funny!

Sometimes my status as a foreigner is really clear. Like when I'm apparently the only person in the waiting room who didn't know to bring my own slippers to change into inside the rehabilitation place. I was there for an initial appointment to get help with my back. It was pretty funny. The man tried to speak German because he didn't speak English. The only advice he gave me during the appointment was that I should eat more potatoes. I'm hoping for a better appointment this next week, that's with someone else in the building.

It's been a busy season and I tried to sew these curtains but had to pick out all the stitches I had made. And then Linda offered to sew them for me - and I love them!

The speaker (blue shirt) and one of our youth group members on Friday night of the youth retreat.

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