Friday 19 September 2014

Photo Friday - 19th September

Our youth group had an English Camp Reunion Party where we showed photos from camp, did the camp dance and sang camp songs, and talked about what we'd be doing at youth group for the next few months. There was also a clear challenge to follow up on what they heard at camp. It was so good to see so many of the students from my class there! 

The Yormans came round on Sunday night for a long planned "hang pictures on Rachael's walls and have ice cream" "party". I am so thankful for this family and it's always fun to have them round. And pictures on my walls? They're still making me smile. 

How Monday mornings start in this season of life: two hours at McDonalds from 6.30am before work while Casey goes to jujitsu halfway between Český Těšín and work.

My current desk set up in work, on a day when no one else was sharing the desk.

Don't think because I live in Czech I'm not following The Great British Bake Off. It was a show Amy and I watched together, and I love the lack of meanness on the show. 

The skies here are often beautiful! This is the view from the Yormans' home. 

Friday night saw me waiting at the train station at 10 o'clock, waiting for a train from Prague with Paul Bowman on it! I took him to the Yormans', where he was staying, and after introductions we chatted over tea for too long before I headed home. 

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